Free Website Creation Tools and Blog Tools

Wikispaces: Easy collaborative research.wiki_image.png

Wikispaces allows teachers (or students) to create free websites that are easy to edit and add links, pictures and text. The websites can be edited by multiple collaborators and teachers can monitor student contributions during the editing process. Websites created with Wikispaces and using wiki software are called "Wikis" and this website is one example.

Wordpress: Try using blogs instead of student journals.

Wordpress is a free blog-creation platform with nice graphic and layout options and easy to use editing software. Blogs are a good online equivalent to student journals where students write reflections, post news links related to a topic, or share audio or video creations.

Wix: Visually impressive free websites.
Wix website template.

Wix websites are all about high quality graphics. Although sometimes slow to load on slower connections, these websites are great for displaying pictures, describing content, and including music or other audio.

Weebly: Another easy collaborative research tool.

Weebly is a free website tool that is similar to wikispaces. Weebly has support for educators, allows students to collaborate on websites, and includes a variety of "themes" (website design options).