Brainstorming Tools and Tools for Sharing Ideas

Wallwisher: Create a virtual post-it note board.wallwisher_edits.png

Wallwisher is a virtual tool that works just like putting post-it notes on a wall. Create a dedicated Wallwisher page with a unique URL and invite students to post ideas, as well as video and audio. No registration required.

Try adding a post-it on this Uni High Test Wallwisher.

JustPaste.It: An online tool for collective text editing.

JustPaste.It allows users to post text and have other users edit that text online. No registration is required and users can also add photos.

Try editing text on this Uni High Test JustPaste.It Example.

ScribLink: An online whiteboard with math symbols.

ScribLink provides a work-space similar to Microsoft Office Paint where you can draw, create shape, insert math symbols, or add text. You can save your whiteboards by providing an email address but no registration is required to use a whiteboard. This website has (fairy unobtrusive) ads.scriblink.jpg